The uniform is compulsory on all working days and at school functions. Students must come to school clean, tidy and neatly ironed.
    Students must be punctual for class on every working day. Late comers should get the permission of the respective Head Teacher before entering the class. No student must be absent himself/herself without obtaining leave previously. No absentees should enter the class without the written permission of the principal or the vice principal or the head teacher. The application for leave must be given in advance. For unforeseen reasons, if one is absent, the application for leave should be submitted on the day of rejoining the school. If the leave is asked on account of illness for THREE DAYS or more than THREE DAYS, a medical certificate must be attached to the application. Attendance at official school like Parents day, Sports day, Independence day, Reopening day, etc. is compulsory. Absentees may be (fined)penalized
    Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking a daily interest in the progress of their children. They should check the diary for any remarks and note the home work given
    Monthly Tests will be conducted at the last week of every month but the results will not be made known.
    Midterm Tests will be conducted in the months of July, November and February and the results will be made
  • TESTS:
    Without grave reasons no one should be absent from writing any test or examination. Parents must examine the progress report carefully and help the children to concentrate more on the subjects in which they are weak. Parents must meet the Head Teachers only on the allotted days.
    o All fees should be paid before reopening of the s c h o o l .It is only Term fees and not monthly fees.
    o Fees should be paid at the time of admission.
    o If a ward is withdrawing in the middle of an a c a d e m i c year, for whatsoever reason, he/she will still have  to pay the full fees for the entire academic year.
    o Students will not be permitted in the school if there is any unacceptable delay in payment of the fees.
    o If fees are not paid on the day specified, a fine of Rs. 25/- would be charged per day as penalty.
    o A pupil who joins or leaves the school during the academic year needs to pay fees for the whole year.
    o Pupils who have not paid the II & III term fees will not be permitted to write the tests or exams.
  1. If you wish to withdraw your child from the school,submit a written application at the school office
    latest by 31st March 2018.
  2. Any application received after 31st March, 2018 will entail payment of the full fees for the next academic
    year 2018-19.
  3.  Transfer certificate, Examination result/report or recommendations shall be issued only after the NODUE certificate is obtained from the school accounts office.
  4. Request for Transfer Certificate may take 2 weeks to process and will not be accepted after 31st March 2018.