The school is managed by Mr.G.Moorthi M.Sc., M.Ed., under A unit of P.M.G. Educational & Charitable Trust. The school was established from Pre K.G, classes- I to V in the year 1986. It was looked after by Mrs. R. AlliMoorthi (Former correspondent). The school is functioning well since 1986 educating 500 students in the year (1986-1996). Now classes VI-X with 800 students completing ten progressive academic years is being well developed for the state board examination, since 1999. These long years it has etched its unique style in functioning, formatting, excellent academic innovative practices, providing whole some education to all developments for students and going beyond class programmes to enrich students developing intellectual understanding and enriching talents and skill developments. The school has set the academic ambience, the best of school climate provides the appropriate and functional infrastructure and has trained a productive team of qualified teaching and monitoring faculty to understand, guide and educate the changing present generation smart students.